Boston Milonga Tango Paradiso

Boston, Springstep

May 5, 2007 (Saturday) Special Tango Paradiso
featuring Mandragora Tango

"Classical Tango that stirs the soul and moves the feet."

TANGO PARADISO Boston Springstep

Join us on Saturday May Fifth for a very special evening
featuring live music traveling from 1400 miles away

: 8pm to 9pm, Lesson by Mandragora Tango
: 9pm to 2am, Milonga, Tango Dance
: Live music of Mandragora Tango + DJ David Liu
: Tango Paradiso ambience, Refreshments served

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Mandragora Tango ( is a collective of Tango musicians based in Minneapolis with a fresh, engaging, danceable sound ranging from classic tango songs with a touch of the Mandragora DNA to their beautiful vals plus their own unique and danceable arrangements.

Bob Barnes, Bandoneón and Accordion
Christian Zamora, Violin
Scott Mateo Davies, Guitar
Rahn Yanes, Bass
Musician photos + full bios here

LESSON, 8pm to 9pm
Mandragora will offer an hour long class called "Dancing in the Music". The band will sit in the middle of the floor and the dancers will circle around them. Mandragora will talk about the 4 basic tango beats and will play familiar tangos that move back and forth between them. Dancers at all levels can get something from this class, since it will focus on on the dance's relationship to the music than on any complicated dance figures. Some topics to be covered:

* The 4 basic tango beats: "in 4", "in 2", "syncopa" and "3+3+2"
* The importance of a good opening figure ("Allevare")
* Ending in a good pose ("Una pinatura buena")
* How to tell when a tango is about to end
* Pauses, windows and breaks or "how to look like you know what you're doing without really trying"
* A little tango music history lesson with live examples

MILONGA / Tango dance, 9pm to 2am
The inspired sound at Springstep since January 2004.

Tango Paradiso milonga is a tango dance that usually happens on the first Saturday of the month.

For the special event on May 5, 2007 with Mandragora Tango, the hours are extended to 2am. Mandragora Tango will play a number of sets with DJ David Liu filling in their breaks.

Tango Paradiso is brought to you by the producers of Tango Lounge. So whether you dance or not, come for great tango night! This is a great party to bring along your non-dancing friends. Refreshments served.

Limited front row seating available.

Advanced registration available until April 30, 2007
Pricing includes lesson by Mandragora Tango at 8pm

General Admission $20 in advance
@ THE DOOR- $25 general [Advanced Tickets - General]

Students $15 in advance, $20 at the door
[Advanced Tickets - Student]


98 George P. Hassett Drive, Medford, MA
Directions to Springstep. Information on public transportation is also available.

Tango Paradiso milonga takes place at Springstep, 5 minutes drive from Boston downtown with ample free parking. It's right off Interstate 93 and hotels are as close as one block away.

Springstep is a modern, state-of-the-art dance and performance arts facility in Medford, it has smooth floating dance floor, acoustically controlled walls, and premium sound system.

Tango Paradiso is brought to you by Adriana Pinto (and David Liu)

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For more information on Tango Paradiso, call or email
Adriana Pinto, 617-816-1967, [email protected]
or David Liu, 617-771-2554, [email protected]

Tango Paradiso is sponsored partly by the non-profit organization Springstep (

Tango Paradiso (sunderland style!) with
live music by Ben Bogart y los Gatos Azules on December 2, 2006

Tango Paradiso with live music by Lia Davis and Roberto Cassan on May 6, 2006

Tango Paradiso with VJ Jeff Mission

Tango Paradiso with VJ Jeff Mission on February 11, 2006

Tango class with Simonida, 2005

Performance by Simonida at Tango Lounge Ball on April 30, 2005

All photography by David Liu, DayLightPix
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Lesson text © Mandragora Tango, courtesy of Mandragora Tango
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